Jake Kaufman is the Content Strategist for a boutique internet marketing team called Adept Marketing in Columbus, Ohio.  Leading Adept’s content department, he is responsible for the creative strategy, development, and implementation of content marketing initiatives for Adept’s clients.   

Jake is releasing his second e-book called “Say Interesting Stuff: How Meaningful Content Leads to Meaningful Results”, and is a unique and compelling insight into the world of Content Marketing.  (the book will be available soon) 

That’s my former introduction, and it feels a little stuffy.  I’d rather be much more personal, if that’s alright with you.

I’m a dreamer, a bit of a skeptic, and a believer that Jesus is making all things new.  This blog serves as an ever-evolving journal into living for the things that matter most.  I pay the bills as a writer, editor, and creative strategist.  And sometimes, I get to speak in front of groups of people.  That’s the stuff that I really love.


A few years ago – burnt by the religious crowd, burned out on the church scene, and uninspired by the boredom of it all – I walked away from my life as a youth pastor.  It was an incredibly hard decision that was all too obvious:  faith had become a way of making a living rather than a way of being alive. 

And so, I walked away.  With no job on the horizon and a lot of bitterness hidden in my wounded heart, I too desperately wanted to prove myself.

That meant that I took the easy way out.  I soon found a job that paid me a lot of money, doing work that was uncreative and disinteresting.  Each night, I wrestled with the defeat of my dreams.  Many nights, I cried at the thought of falling into line.  I had traded one imprisoning situation for another.  The only real difference was that I was better paid.  And, that thought bothered me.

As my dream lay dying, the pain and disappointment began building up a mantra that began beating, faintly, in my heart:  Do not settle.  Be bold.  And, be ever urgent.

I’ve not been created to settle.  Nor have you.  We’ve been created for something; to live out the beauty of our art, love, and stories.  We’ve been made to be bold; to stand in the face of adversity and overwhelming odds and defiantly walk forward.  We’ve been created to be urgent; not hurried or rushed, but purposed in the living out of our lives and our potential.

I believe that God wants these things for us much more than he wants to admire our steeples and listen to our sermons.  Grace is too beautiful and too powerful to be doled out like some kind of a door prize or paycheck.  It must be lived, breathed in, and experienced.

That’s what I hope my life somehow inspires as I’m learning how to be bold and be urgent.  My hope is that, somehow, my words inspire people to believe that better stories are possible when we are bold enough and urgent enough to live them out.


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