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This one walks all over my toes…

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that has developed within myself…the complaining about the status quo.  I’m tired of complaining, and ready for movement.  Perhaps you’ve noticed this trend in your life as well.  Isn’t it so much easier to complain about how things are rather than envisioning and directing change?  It’s safe to stay on the outskirts and talk with a sort of fondness about the way things should be.  It’s risky to jump into the middle of the muck and initiate and drive change.

But that doesn’t make the risk less necessary.

There are a ton of people in this world who wish that there were better results to the things they are involved in.  There are a ton of people who are disatisfied with the way their company is managed.  There are scores of people who are frustrated with the political systems surrounding them.  There are throngs of people who think that our churches are completely missing the point.  There are millions of people who are completely are fed up with the fact that half of the world’s poplulation doesn’t have access to clean drinking water.  But ninety-five percent of these people never do a thing to initiate change.  They are vaguely aware that there is a need for change and direction, but they never develop the vision, passion, and energy it takes to bring about substantial change.  These are the Results Seekers.

Results Seekers are fed up, but un-motivated.  Results Seekers are ready to change, but unable to drive change.  Results Seekers are done with the status quo, but are petrified to leave it.  Results Seekers stay, and never push.

This is a challenge to those of us who are tired of the status quo, and even more tired of just complaining about the way things are.  This is a challenge for those of us who are tired of talking about change, but never acting on those conversations.  Let’s rise above result seeking and become Tone Setters in our environments.  A Tone Setter becomes the change they desire.  A Tone Setter questions (not just complains about) the status quo, and brings others into the conversation.  A Tone Setter actively seeks to improve their surroundings.  A Tone Setter walks what a Result Seeker talks.

The world doesn’t need any more Results Seekers.  Your company doesn’t need any more Results Seekers.  Your church doesn’t need any more Results Seekers.  All of these cultures DO need Tone Setters. 

Go ahead, look through the Scriptures to look at how God used Tone Setters to anthem His name and His will.  Flip through the pages of a history book to find how Tone Setters influenced and brought change to our cultures and societies.  Watch the world around you and see how today’s Tone Setters are driving change.

You don’t have to be THE leader…but you can be a Tone Setter.  The question is, are you willing to take the risk and what does that risk look like in your setting?  I’m intersted to hear your thoughts….