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My laptop has now been broken for four weeks.  I am suffering from withdrawal…and have been forced to use an older desktop computer tucked away in the back of our auditorium.  I’m afraid that my productivity, creativity, and connectivity (I had to add that last one because the ryming scheme was just to irresistable to pass up) has suffered over the past four weeks.  Facebook and this blog have taken the biggest hits.

Anyway, moving on from the pity party…this whole structure I have been ranting about (check out the previous posts about ‘being fully valued, fully benefitted, and fully empowered) has been heavy on my mind as I have been pushing through the consequences of this structure in my environments…especially as I have been leading a conversation with my student ministry about forming a community of faith that unleashes each other toward the full promise of knowing God and the full potential of making Him known.

I want to quickly address this structure (it really needs a name, doesn’t it?!) in relation to churches.  The church (larger than any one, singular organization) is the body of Christ…the movement of the Kingdom.  Within the body, the valuing of other’s is the heartbeat.  The benefitting of others is the breath.  The empowering of others is the movement.  The three elements are inter-linked, and cannot be fully successful alone.

So, as individual communitites of faith, we should be creating and providing spaces where individuals are fully valued, fully benefited, and fully empowered.  And now, here’s where your input comes in to play:

What would those spaces look like?