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Innovation and creativity are not valued in most churches.  Most church structures are often built around killing creativity and condemning innovation.  The structures that do allow creativity, often cap it for a fear of being too bold, to ‘out there.’  There is a fear (more of a scapegoat) that we are changing the gospel with creative presentations and innovative environments.  This sort of scapegoating aggrevates me.  Maybe we should be changing the gospel, if your gospel is:

  • the name on the sign outside of your building.
  • tradition.
  • your pride or your ego.
  • whatever is the latest trend.
  • a person.
  • the way you have done things in the past.
  • not available to all people.
  • is distracting from the life God invites us into.
  • a Sunday morning church assembly.
  • an order of worship.
  • no guitars in church.

In those instances, yes….I want to change your gospel.