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After the last post, it’s important to refine and clarify.  What exactly is a movment?  And how is it better than what you’re doing right now?

  • Activities maintain and results are accidental.  Movements equip and results are unavoidable.
  • Activities advertise.  Movements influence.
  • Activities are generic.  Movements are planned and strategized.
  • Activities can be duplicated.  Movements are unique.
  • Activities breed friendships, or acquaintances.  Movements breed fellowship.
  • Activities are time fillers.  Movements attract and compel.
  • Activities use their resources.  Movements leverage their resources.
  • Activities produce attenders.  Movements produce leaders.

Whatever your thing (whether you are in the business world, run a non-profit, organize community events, or volunteer with a church), you should never be satisfied with attendance.  You should be creating opportunities for people to become involved in your movement and passionate about your passion.  Entertainers do a great job at this…the goal of a concert isn’t to just get people in the door, it’s to put on such a production that people follow the band and buy their music and merch.  A devoted fan is more important to the band than an attender of a concert.

In your world, someone who is willing to leverage themselves for your cause is far more valuable than someone who just shows up at your stuff.