If you’re a subscriber, and you’re getting multiple feeds from me today via email or facebook, I’m sorry about the mess.  Our student ministry is researching podcasting to launch this fall, and I’ve been toying around with how to best link or embed it on blogs and facebook profiles.  So…please excuse me! 

Sunday’s sermon kicked my tail…and I want to share a few of my thoughts with you for further discussion and thought.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  • The church is really good at talking about faith, yet scared to actually live in faith.
  • We tend to blame the culture for the ineffectiveness of our churches (i.e.,  this generation is too lazy, this generation is godless, this generation doesn’t care, etc.)
  • The world has always been full of godless people who could care less about faith…when churches become living examples of faith, that excuse becomes our greatest attractor.
  • We are more relient on our heritage, traditions, and practices than we are on Christ.
  • What would happen if we let go of “the way things have always been” for “the way things can be”?
  • What if we lived in a daily expectation of the impossible?  Wouldn’t that be what faith is?
  • Unless we are dreaming impossibly as a church, then are we really trusting in God to make impossible things happen?
  • Churches should not be static destinations or arenas of Christians…rather, churches should be living, breathing, evolving organisms of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • When a world sees a church let go of it’s heritage with its’ saints to pursue a future with sinners, then the world sees a God who is unfailing in His love, kindness, and grace to this world.

Again, just a few thoughts from my sermon this Sunday.  Feel free to comment, add to, or add your own thought from Sunday’s sermon if you were @ Belpre.   If not, then here’s your thought for discussion:  what is it that holds the church back from living her true destiny?