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My friend, Adam Ellis, posted this quote from Brian McClaren on his facebook this morning: “What is the purpose of the church? [Is it] to enfold and warehouse Christians for heaven, protecting them from damage and spoilage until they reach their destination? Or to recruit and train people to be transforming agents of the kingdom of God in our culture? The missional church understands itself to be blessed not to the exclusion of the world, but for the benefit of the world.”

McClaren killed it with that truth. We have defiled the church’s true beauty and identity. We have made the church an entity, an enterprise, a social club, a gathering, a place….ultimately, a destination. I use “we” intentionally and not generically, because in my own life I have been a part of this abuse.

But “the church” is the body of Christ on this earth…it is the moving of His passion for His purpose, which is to be a seeker redeemer of all men and all women, not an aquarium for the saved. May we repent…may I repent…from turning the movement of heaven into a destination on earth.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting on some various things surrounding this question….”So, what is the church?” Would love your feedback!