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It sucks that we have turned Christianity into a religion.

For the record…Christianity is not about rituals, practices or habits.  It’s not about tithing, church attendance, or volunteering.  It’s not about programs, ministries, and mission statements.  It’s not about dressing up or dressing down.  It’s not about saying the right thing, in the right way, at the right time.  It’s not about guilt and shame.  It’s not about hell and condemnation.   It’s not about behavior modification. It’s not about singing and communion.  It’s not about worship styles, scripture translations, or orders of worship.  It’s not about the name of the sign outside of the building.  It’s not about fellowship meals, game nights, and small groups.  It’s not about sermons and Bible classes.  It’s not about VBS and door knocking.  It’s not about baptism, confession, or repentance.  It’s not about neat and orderly. It’s not about morality.  It’s not about America.  It’s not about a political party.  It’s not about you looking like you have it all together.

The premise of Christianity is that we are newly formed….born again into a new way of being human because our God loves us.

Shame on us when we teach as if Christianity is simply behavior modification to adhere to a sort of vague pious lifestyle instituted by a distant God who is waiting to pounce on our mistakes.  The God revealed in Scripture is not against us…He is for us.  All of us.  Not some of us.  Not the good ones.  Not the ones who have it all together.  This God is for all of us.

It’s time we wake up and live in that truth.  Because this world will never see the Kingdom of God when the followers of Christ can’t see it themselves.