Are you existing….or are you evolving?

If you are a leader of a business or service:  In your corner of the market….are you simply reproducing what is expected and what is average?  Or, are you radically re-defining how your corner approaches the market?   Are you simply existing in the market….or are you evolving in the market and generating broader influence?

Are you defining yourself in the market, or does the market define you?

If you are a leader of a church or movement:  In your church or movement…are you reciprocating the things that led you to where you are, or are you re-evaluating and posturing yourself to reach a new generation?  Are you simply maintaining what is ordinary….or are you re-defining the very concept of ordinary?

Are you defined by what you’ve always done, or by what you are doing?

People change, culture shifts, business evolve, and organizations adapt.  So…why simply exist?  Long-term success (whatever your niche) is not determined by how long you can produce a predetermined measurement of results…but by how well you understand and adapt to the changing needs of your craft and audience.

So…take the next step.  Ask the hard question.  Change the way you think.  Identify the missing pieces.  Evolve.