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You are not always right.  And because you’re not always right, your way is not always the best way.  Actually, it’s probably more like your way is rarely the best way.

I know, pretty groundbreaking stuff.

Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean you should still do it that way…or that you should even do that.  Just because you are doing something this way now doesn’t mean you will always do it this way.  Just because it started out as that, doesn’t mean that it should stay that….or that it even should have been that.  Just because people are responding now doesn’t mean that people will always respond.

This is common sense.

So why is this mentality not commonly practiced?  Why do we adhere to what is known at the cost of what is real?  Why do we hide behind what is practical instead of chasing what is transformational?  Growth requires change, so why is change the last thing we want to do?

In church world, we resist change out of fear.  What is known is taught as synonymous with truth.  And to be apart from the truth is to be apart from God.  So, if we leave what we know to adapt a new way, system, style, structure…we are in essence, leaving God.

That’s damaging.  And that’s another blog post…hopefully coming soon.