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warning: you may not like what you will read in the following series. it might offend you, anger you, even scare you. just a heads up.

I don’t really want to write this series. I’m fearful of the judgment, the comments, the anger that will be directed my way. To question the church in today’s culture, to point out it’s fallacies, is to directly confront our identities. People don’t normally respond very well, very appropriately, or very maturely to this confrontation.

So I feel like an introduction of sorts is in order before this blog series begins.

This isn’t a rant born out of anger. My desire isn’t to berate people, to mock people, or to disassemble the church. My desire is to open eyes to see the fallacy of our modern church mindset…to desecrate the despicable ways which we act while labeling them ‘righteous’, to call attention to the beauty that we’ve trashed and molested…and to invite you into a new, rebellious way of living the call of Jesus Christ in this world. Shame on us for molesting the church for our own selfish agendas and desires. Shame on us for setting up a camp that turns people away because they aren’t good enough. Shame on us for misrepresenting the name of Jesus Christ on this planet.

The church is His beloved…His bride…His victory cry. It’s time to reclaim that identity. It’s time to fight for the cause…to rescue the movement…and to return the rebellion.

In order to walk this new rebellion with Jesus, we must first determine where we are: identifying what is oppressing us, holding us back from what we are meant for, and why we are so easily enslaved in our current situations. This is where things become offensive because this is where things get personal. But the time has come to root out the disease that is killing us. Over the next few weeks, this blog will focus on the different people groups that are affecting our churches….here’s a brief description:

  • The Drifters: people who sway from church to church, looking for something to belong to…but unable to find acceptance or belonging.
  • The Molesters: those people who run towards oppression and debating, who enforce strict rules and codes of conduct on everyone else…who worship law rather than the Creator.
  • The Unknowns: those who will never step foot inside our walls because of intimidation, fear, un-founded misconceptions, or accurate descriptions. Those people that we always talk about, but never talk to.
  • The Treasonists: those people who rally against the system, who refuse to play by it’s rules, and who often times are outcasted from the camp. The ones who are frustrated to the brink of rebellion.
  • The Campers: those people who are indifferent, who offer no solutions and have no complaints…who enjoy the safety and confines of the system and the protection and security that it provides.

It’s my belief that we will all find ourselves in this series. But may we not just identify ourselves….may we seek to re-discover what it means to be the Emmanuel church, and what it looks like to live the radical call of God in the midst of this time in history.