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This Sunday night an expected 106 million viewers will gather across the world to watch the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl itself will take place inside of a 1.1 BILLION dollar football stadium, which houses up to 110,00 fans and includes 4 high-definition video screens which cost 40 million dollars to build (for some perspective, the new video screen system at the Cowboys stadium cost as much money to build as the previous Cowboys stadium).  Fans will pay an average of $2,600 for a single game ticket.  The average 30 second commercial spot will cost 1.3 million dollars.  The average player in the actual game is earning a 1.4 million dollar salary, and will receive an average of a $40,000 bonus just for playing in this single game.

All of this for a single game…a game which lasts only an hour and involves guys wearing spandex pants.  No doubt that football has become a monstrous enterprise…creating multiple industries based upon a sport.  (Just think of the different dimensions to a professional football franchise:  training and medical staff, coaching staff, athletic clothing and equipment, public representation, marketing, journalism and beat writers, architects to design and build stadiums, graphic designers and copywriters for public advertisement campaigns, player scouting and representation agencies, legal counsel and advisors, accountants, analysts and commentators, grounds and maintenance crews, vendors and refreshment providers…this list is endless).

The average fan of a professional football team will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year supporting their team.  They will make sacrifices in order to devote time, money, energy, and passion into their professional team.  Heck, they’ll even paint themselves when they go to games.  And all of this stems from an idea…from a single person who saw a way to make a backyard game better.

So…the question is:  What’s stopping you from creating your idea, leading your movement, realizing your dream, or allowing your voice to be heard?   Our culture is thirsty for relevant, engaging, important material.  We are waiting to invest in something that matters.  The time is now, more than ever, to launch out and get our attention.