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It’s been over for two weeks, so I get that I am behind the curve a little bit.   But the Super Bowl (and the commercials) reveal so much about the heart of our culture, that it’s hard to ignore and not comment.  If we choose to observe and listen, we can position ourselves to better reach our culture (whether you are a church, organization, business, niche group, band, artist, etc.).  I’ve been brewing the following ideas in my head for the past two weeks, take ’em or leave ’em.


Insight: We are a culture which desires experiences, is motivated by stories, and is dedicated to success.  Example: This year’s Super Bowl tied the Nelson rating for the most watched Super Bowl in history;  literally half the country watched the game!  Surrounding the game was a pre-game celebration featuring:  live music from Maroon 5, Keith Urban, and others…an interview of President Obama by Bill O’Reilly, background stories of the game’s notable players, and countless other stories of success and hardship in football.  Translation:  You’d better not was our time with cheap and ineffective fluff..and had better give us a story worth re-telling.

Insight: We have plenty of unrealistic expectations, and very short attention spans. Example: We want each Super Bowl to be historic, and are generally disappointed when it’s average.  We expect every 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl to push some new boundary of advertising.  But, we are loyal to successful brands and franchises regardless of trends, struggles, and economic recessions.    Translation:  Stay relevant by being consistent, not by trying to be trendy.

Insight: Iconic images and personalities survive. Example: The Mini Vader Volkswagen commercial (here) was one of the top rated 2011 Super Bowl Commercial spots, Verizon brought back a familiar face to introduce the iPhone on their network (here), Coca-Cola told stories without using words to capture our imaginations (here and here)    Translation:  Surround your iconic images and personalities with fresh creativity and they’ll always be relevant.


The time is now to surround your thing with fresh ideas, new storytelling, and creative solutions.  Our culture is waiting…wanting…to experience your story.  So, what’s the story you are telling?