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I think that it might be cool to share some things that have been inspiring me this week.  Enjoy the videos, art, links, and thoughts!

  • A response to the protection minded from a pastor of a church reaching more than one generation with the hope and rescue of Jesus.  This video amps me up…every single time I watch it.  Favorite line:   are you going to criticize or create?


  • This post from a friend…a well articulated point of view about politics and Jesus followers.  As a follower of Christ, I struggle with identifying with a specific political party…especially in today’s political arena.  I wonder what would happen if the followers of Jesus sought to promote and live Kingdom ethics rather than to vote them (or ban them) from legislation.


    • This song from a night of worship at Elevation Church.  Lyrically, it’s a beast…musically it’s creative…but, the response it generates displays it’s true worth.  We unite for Your kingdom’s cause.


    • This post from Seth Godin on small, necessary actions and decisions.  Not everything you do will draw a crowd, illicit a response, or call to action.  But…if you’re trying to reach the masses, the small and un-noticed decisions and creations become important pieces in the big picture.  What you do matters.


    • This passage:  “Every child of God defeats this evil world.  And we achieve the victory through our faith in Jesus.”  (1 John 4:5).  The lie:  God wants Christians to remove themselves from their culture, cast judgments, and wait for heaven.  The truth:  The way of Jesus calls us to a life that is above and beyond the systems of this world which seek to oppress, break down, and destroy.  Faith isn’t a stance, it’s a trajectory.  See more thoughts regarding this here.


    • And, finally…some Mumford and Sons.  You just can’t enjoy a Friday without some of their music.