As a creative-mind-driven sort of person, I do my best work when inspired, motivated, or provoked.  As such, I’m constantly looking and searching for stories, artful displays, challenging ideas, bold thoughts, leadership resources, marketing trends, and other random things which spark my creativity.  I’d like to share these more often… As usual, here are the things which have inspired, motivated, or provoked me this week:

  • The music from The Civil Wars.  Joy Williams voice is absolutely amazing…and the chemistry between the two performers is electric and haunting.  Plus, John Paul White looks like Johnny Depp…which is just awesome. 
  • Twitter’s birthday…and, more specifically, the influence of twitter.  Who would’ve thought that 140 characters would revolutionize (and, have both good and negative impacts on) the way which we communicate.  It’s never been easier to have a voice…to contribute to the conversation.  Just be prepared for people to listen.  For a good story on this, read here.
  • This scene from a previous version of the show, Community on NBC.  There’s really nothing profound about the clip…but showcases the talent, wit, human, and skill of the cast, writers, and filmographers on set.  Proof that the greatest accomplishments are found in collaboration, not solo acts.  (Translation:  we need you, your skills, and your voice to contribute).  
  • This article on the future trending of religion.  “In a large number of modern secular democracies, there’s been a trend that folk are identifying themselves as non-affiliated with religion.”  That’s messing with me, and stirring up a greater desire in me to reverse the trend with the grace, clarity, and power of the Kingdom.  But, several questions must be approached here;  not the least of which is the question, “Why?”
  • This blog post by a leader at Cross Point Church in Nashville on developing and harnessing female leadership within their church.  Great leaders cultivate great leaders.  This is definitely worth the read if you’re a leader.
  • And, of course…..Mumford and Sons (have I mentioned these guys are awesome?!) But seriously, this is what’s it’s like to be alive…to experience a moment…and to express passion and art (just watch the lead singer’s face at the 1:52 mark).