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Forgive me for not writing this week.  It has been a long, difficult, and busy week.  I’ve been stewing together some thoughts, and am stoked to put words and voice to them…and hopefully to post them soon.  In the meantime, I hope that you find some inspiration in some of the things which have inspired me this past week:

  • The tenacious faith of my friends.  A little less than a week ago we learned of the passing of Alex Miller, the brother of two very good friends of mine.  The small amounts of time that I’ve spent with Seth and Abby…in person, through text, and on the phone…has left an indelible impression on me.  Their faith has allowed this pain…and, that speaks volumes of the God which they love.  Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”  The heart of the Father is bent toward those who struggle, fail, lose, and mourn…and His presence brings comfort, direction, and hope.
  • This blog post, How to Silence Your Critics, referred to me from a friend.  For anyone who tends to think outside of the boxes of their context’s, and receive plenty of criticism and flak to prove it…check out this article, and breathe it in deeply.  “The only way to silence your critics is to die.  So live, despite them.” In those hurtful, doubtful, depressing moments when it seems that everyone is a critic and every interaction is a battle…remind yourself that leadership is living.
  • This video, All Marketers Are Liars, by Seth Godin.  For those of you who are unfamiliar…Godin is a creative genius (and pretty funny at that).  This video has much larger implications that marketing…if something’s broken;  it’s your job to create a tangible solution.  
  • This blog post, Why Creatives are Fleeing Their Day Jobs in Search of Meaning, is a great read for creatives and non-creatives alike.  For creatives, this blog articulates that longing inside of you…that longing which yearns for work which is not confined to desks, spreadsheets, and meetings.  For the non-creatives, this article gives great insight into the minds of those eccentric weirdo’s that don’t dig your meetings and trash your spreadsheets.  “Find a place where your passion intersects a need, and you’ll find opportunity.” Brilliant.
  • This song, Love Conquers All, by a good friend.  If you’re looking for a new artist to follow, Anthony’s writing, angst, and music are solid.  Favorite line in the song:  “I am not afraid to close my eyes, and not walk by sight…but by faith.”  Good stuff.  
  • This moment of ingenuity, from the David Crowder Band.  These guys are the most creative guys on the planet…and their incorporation of “secular” things into a “church” environment represent a faith that is organic;  not coerced, or refined to religious spaces.   The effect is that they generate events and moments which captivate attention, gain permission, and speak beautiful stories of hope, redemption, and grace.  Man…I so want to tell those stories.  
  • And finally, Mumford and Sons.  Because…well, because it’s Friday.  And with lyrics like this, how can you not be impressed?:  “How fickle my heart, and how woozy my eyes.  I struggle to find any truth in your lies.”