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Tomorrow is full of potential.

It’s overflowing with possibilities, with new opportunities to leverage your passions and do what you love.  It holds the potential of networking with new clients, launching new movements, and discovering new outlets for your creativity and passion.  It gives a glimpse of hope that you’ll find a new audience, or create a new fan … the probability of someone hearing your story and discovering you for the first time.

Tomorrow is also super intimidating.

It’s inescapable and right around the corner, breathing relentlessly down your neck.  It holds no guarantee, makes no promises, and can be a brutal taskmaster.  It affords no concrete solution.  If you’re launching out to do something new and exciting, it gives you the hounding imprint of fear … wondering where the next client, the next opportunity, and (most essential) where the next paycheck will come from.

So, the take-away?

It’s time to kick tomorrow’s butt.  Seize the opportunity, embrace the intimidation, take a deep breath … and rock it out.   Be bold.  Be confident.  Be proactive.  Protect your vision at all costs.  Approach new people.  Tell your story in new ways, through new outlets.  And the rest is just details.

What’s on your horizons?