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People are already talking about you.

There are conversations about your church around tables at restaurants every Sunday afternoon.  People talk around water coolers about events you have hosted, flyers you’ve posted, and messages you’ve given.  There are phone calls, chats around coffee, and texts about something that someone at your church did … or said.  Sometimes those conversations are good.  Sometimes they are misguided.  And sometimes, they are brutally revealing.  Nonetheless, perceptions and stories surrounding your church already exist.

And in that way, churches are already branded.

It makes sense, then, to become intentional about your brand.  A well thought out, clearly articulated story about your unique church will generate partners rather than attract attenders.  Allowing that story to serve as the platform for everything else will be one of the wisest decisions you will make.

Make branding an essential part of your church’s spiritual development by asking (and answering) the following questions:

  1. What’s the most important thing to us?
  2. What makes us unique and distinctive?
  3. Why is it important for people to know our story?
  4. What do we want our people to become most passionate about?
Answer these questions with your staff and your leaders, and you’re on the way to creating a unique brand which will leverage your strengths and present your vision to those you are trying to reach.
In one sentence, what is the story your church is telling?
Final Note:  This is not about manipulating perception of your church.  If you’re church has a non-existent presence within your community, you should not declare that you are “outsider focused” or “reaching the community for Jesus.”  That’s not honest.  If negative perceptions of your church are well-founded (such as, “the church is cold, irrelevant, etc.) don’t just offer a fancy tagline to fix it.  Do the hard work of re-discovering your passion, and re-building your environment to match.