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I can do a lot of things adequately.  I can do fewer things greatly.  I can do a couple of things superbly.  I can do one thing remarkably.

You and I have that in common.

But are we doing what we are remarkable at?  Is our passion becoming our priority, or are our priorities containing our passion?  What’s true about us is that we have a lot of things on our plates, and our task lists are usually filled with everything but that one thing.

What if we changed that?

What if we flipped the status quo of the working world?  What if there was a way to re-prioritize our tasks lists to begin with what we are remarkable at, and outsource everything else?  Wouldn’t that give someone else the opportunity to do what they are remarkable at?  And, wouldn’t a handful of people doing remarkable things better serve your organization than hundreds of people doing adequate things?

By the way, that one thing is your craft.  It’s your art.  It’s uniquely you.  It is what will drive you forward when life is tough.  It is what will sustain you when the pay is low.  It is what will compel you to leave everything safe, and pursue something most people would consider crazy.  Because as artists, we are all a little crazy…and people with crazy ideas end up making the world a better place.

It is time to change priorities.  It’s time to do the one thing that will change everything.  What’s the one thing you will do remarkably?