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We’ve all got something.

Something that when we are doing it, we feel the most alive.  Something that without it, we’d feel a deep emptiness.  Something that is unique.  Something that contributes somehow.  Something that matters.  Whatever that is for you, that is your something.  Some of us have discovered it.  Some of us are still searching for it.  And still others of us are oblivious to it.

My something is to provoke thought and inspire action.  I believe with all my heart, that’s my destiny.  It’s not better than yours.  It’s not above yours.  It’s simply my something.  My method for my something is three-fold:  writing, speaking, and designing.  I’m not a writer.  I’m not a speaker.  I’m not a designer.  I am a dreamer.  My writing, speaking, and designing is the voice that my dreaming takes.  It’s the way I make my something tangible.

So, what do you do when you discover your something?  You amp it up.  Here are four simple steps for taking your something to the next level:

  • Obsess over it.  Pour yourself into research.  Follow people who are doing something similar.  Learn their insights, gain their perspectives, learn from their mistakes, listen to their advice.  Follow their blogs, subscribe to their websites, tweet them.  Find and connect with people that inspire you to be more intentional at your something.
  • Discern it.  As you obsess over your something, you get a clearer picture for what your something entails.  For the non-glamorous work that goes into getting it off the ground.  For the requirements it will ask of your time, creativity, and commitment level.  For the pay you’ll receive, or not receive.
  • Narrow it.  Take it down a notch.  Define exactly what your something is.  As you obsess and discern, you’ll find that you naturally drift towards a more tangible idea of what your something is.  The narrowing step is about taking your something and putting flesh and blood on it.
  • Invest it.  Find a way to give it away.  To get it out there.  It may be profitable, it may not.  You may be able to charge, or you might just give it way.  Regardless, the most important thing is that you invest your something into outsiders.  Into people that aren’t you.  It’s submitting your work to the market.  To the masses.  To the audience.  Every project is an investment into your something.

Push through the fear.  Refuse to procrastinate.  And, get serious about your something.  We’re waiting for you to contribute what is uniquely you.  The world’s a better place that way.

What is your something?  And what are you going to do with it?