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Being creative isn’t about the end product, it’s about the process.

And the process can be daunting.  It’s hard work.  Creating something, chasing after something, not settling for what is currently normal while you pursue something better … it can be draining.  It can drain your time.  Your wallet.  Your mind.  And, if you’re not careful…it can drain your soul.

Whatever your creative outlet (design, writing, volunteering, performing, leading a business, organizing a movement, etc..), there will be times when you will seriously doubt your potential to live out your dream. It’s during those times when the voices are loud.  When the feelings are overwhelming.  I know.  This week has been one of those weeks for me.

So when you encounter those times when it’s up to debate if you can pull it off or not, remember these things:

It’s worth the struggle.  Whatever you are doing, or launching out to do, it’s worth the growing pains.  Worth the doubt.  Worth the fear.  If it’s not, you wouldn’t be risking something to make it happen.  It won’t make the voices go away, but reminding yourself that your dream is worth struggling for will keep you going.

Get going.  Some of the greatest athletes are infamous for using naysayers to train harder.  MJ reminded himself everyday that people thought he’d never make it as a basketball player, that he would just be average.  Take the negative voices, and use them as fuel.  Set out to disprove them.  Spend extra time on a project.  Put in some more groundwork.  Hustle.

Failure equips you, it does not define you.  Great people fail, all the time.  Scared people never fail because they never start.  Define failure differently, and you’ll gain new momentum to launch out and try.  And trying, matters.

Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.  This one isn’t really hard because if you are truly passionate about something, if you truly believe that you are meant for something … giving up is never an option.  But just in case you need to hear it, don’t give up.  There’s too much at stake for you to throw in the towel.

Maybe you need to hear this today:  You are awesome.  What you are doing, matters.  The dreams within you are placed there for a reason, and we’re waiting to see what you do.  Embrace the struggle.  Get going.  Don’t worry about failing.  Hustle.  And never give up.

What are you dreaming of?