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Right now, at this very moment, someone is doing what you want to do.

Thousands of people are passionate about what you’re passionate about.  Countless people are already busy spreading the idea that you want to spread.  The company has already noticed someone else in your department.  Anyone can push logistics.  Anyone can sell a product.  Anyone can write a blog.  Anyone can deliver a speech.

But you’re different.  So the question is:  how are you different?

I’ll save you some time and give you a short cut.  The way you will be different is by determining to stand apart.  It’s not about being better.  That’s relative to interpretation.  It’s not about standing out.  You can stand out in all sorts of different ways and never draw attention.  That’s all noise.

Cut through the noise by standing apart.

Figure out how to take your niche, your gift, your passion, your talent … and make it unique.  Make it memorable.  Make it useable.  But most of all, make it you.  Remember, your story is what will make you interesting.

Often we get stuck here because we are busy answering the wrong questions.  We spin our wheels solving problems that don’t really matter, and that are destined to send us into normal-ville.

To separate yourself from the masses in your market, answer these three questions:

  • NOT:  What can I do better than everyone else?  BUT:  What can I contribute that no one else can contribute?
  • NOT:  How can I market this?  BUT:  Who do I want to know about this, and how can I share it with them?
  • NOT:  What is everyone else doing right now?  BUT:  What does someone need to be doing right now?

These questions will take you from broad, unspecific answers that will never be given flesh … to ideas that form into actions, and actions that lead to results.  These questions will discipline you to be different.  They will be your GPS for standing apart.

So, now … do what you do.  Do it well.  And do it like it matters.  Because it does.  How will you determine to stand apart this week?