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Social media really can change the world.

Really.  It’s not just hype.  It’s not just cliche.  The power of YOUR on-line network can do something real, something tangible, to affect a disparaging situation in the world.  And, you can look good doing it.

Sevenly is part shirt company, part activist community, and part tech company.  Their website states that their purpose is to learn the issues that break God’s heart, engage with the people who are called to the issue, and create awareness & a funding movement that supports them in their efforts.  Their platform for accomplishing this is by selling unique, fashionable, limited edition shirts that give a visual recognition to the cause (instant, multiple bilboards).  Each shirt sold generates $7 for the specific charity the shirt promotes.  And that money adds up, and makes a real difference.

So, go buy a shirt right now.  Or, three.  Together, we can influence change.

You can check out Sevenly’s facebook page here.  And you can follow their tweets here.  And check out their blog here.