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Some days, living out the dream seems more of a curse than a destiny.

There will be days when the critics are louder than the fans.  Days when the payday is less than desirable, and the bills seem insurmountable.  Days when clients are sparse.  Days when the work is overwhelming.  Days when the press is bad.  Days when you failed to live up to the expectations and the reviews.

Yes, you will fail.  It’s inevitable.  And odds are you’ll fail a lot.  But the question is, are the failures worth it?

It’s in those moments, we find ourselves.  It’s in those moments of doubt, fatigue, rejection, and disappointment that we honestly assess our sacrifices.  When we analyze what we promote to see if it has value, or if it’s just noise.  Sure we evaluate our content regularly, but never more honestly than at the heels of failure.

If you’re afraid of failure, you’ll give up too soon.  If you choose to embrace failure as a platform for future success, you’ll grow braver.  You’ll take more risks.  You’ll stretch yourself and test your skills.  You’ll promote your content on new platforms.  You’ll take in a new demographic.  You’ll make more phone calls and make more fulfilling promises for your clients.

And in the end, you’ll surprise yourself.  But not if you never ask if the failures are worth it.  Don’t run from your failures today.  Analyze and leverage them for better things.  What have your recent failures taught you?