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Calling all dreamers:

Thank you.  Thank you for being brave enough to be different.  Thank you for being annoying enough to point out what’s lacking in our systems and societies, and disruptive enough to dream of different alternatives.  Thank you for being naive enough to believe in a different outcome for you:  that you can make it, build it, become it, write it, design it, present it … that you can achieve it.   You may not know, but your dreams inspire us.  They compel us to consider new options and alternatives for ourselves and our societies.  Your bravery gives us hope that we, too, can become something new.

A word of advice:  Don’t stop.  Ever.  When the obstacles are stacked against you, know that believe in you.  When the failure happens, know that we haven’t given up on you.  When everyone else has moved on, know that we haven’t forgotten you.  You bring color to the black and white, and what you hope for is possible.  Refuse to be silent.  Die before you stop dreaming.  And, pursue.  Having a dream isn’t enough.  Go for it.  Stop betting on your fear (link) and really go for it.  Risk it.  Define your dream.  Commit.  Hustle.

Calling all those who’ve forgotten how to dream:

You aren’t less important than the dreamers.  We believe in you, too.  We believe that within you is something fierce, something untamed, something dream-filled and magnificent.  Something which is unique.  Maybe right now it’s hard for you to see it. Maybe it’s buried under the rubble of disappointment.  Maybe it’s struggling to breathe under the weight of failure, circumstance, or desperation.  Maybe it’s choking to death by something that you can’t control.  Regardless, we believe that it’s there … somewhere.  And, that’s important.

A word of advice:  Be brave.  Be brave enough to start hoping again.  To start sifting through the rubble of the pieces that haven’t fallen your way to find the ability to dream, the ability to hope again.  It is within you.  I promise.  I know that it is.  You’ve just got to be brave enough to search.  You’ll find it.  And when you find it, give it some credibility.  Dare to believe in it.

To both the dreamers and those who’ve forgotten how:  

There’s something different on the horizon.  It’s shapeless and undefined, yet it’s approaching.  It’s tomorrow.  And it can be a template of today, or something totally different.  It’s up to us.  To both the dreamers and those who’ve forgotten how:  Let’s do this.  Let’s rise up together and give shape to something beautiful and new and different.

I believe in us.  How about you?