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There’s a difference between a dream and a fantasy.

A fantasy is whimsical.  It’s a dressed up version of reality.  It deals in the superstitious, depends on the illogical, and is at the mercy of forces outside your control.  That’s why it is a fantasy.  But, a dream … a dream is a vision of what is possible.  It may be lofty or far away, but it is attainable.  And it’s within your power to see it through.  (related link)

So do you have a dream, or do you have a fantasy?

That all depends on your answer to another question:   Are you chasing it, or are you hoping for it?  There’s a world of difference between the two.  Hoping is passive.  It’s crossing your fingers and hoping to be in the right place at the right time.  It’s sitting by the phone waiting for the call.  It’s talking a lot about it, and thinking of how you’ll spend the rewards or benefits one day.  The problem with hoping, however, is that it is inactive.  It’s gazing out a window and fantasizing about what it would be like.

And it does nothing to validate your dream.

But if you’re chasing, you are building a culture which encourages the growth and advancement of your dream.  Chasing is the process of putting in the log hours, making the decisions, risking the sacrifices, and venturing into the uncomfortable and testing your skills.  Where hope breeds passivity, chasing encourages confidence.

And that confidence underscores the validity of your dream.

You see, the validity of your dream is determined not by the paychecks, the gigs, or the applause, or even the lack thereof – but by hard work, sacrifice, and resilience you are committed to.  And we – the market, the audience, the followers – can tell the difference.  We are not interested or inspired by passive “hopers”.  We are on the hunt for resilient people with valuable dreams.

So, how valuable is your dream?

The bonus to being resilient?  The culture you create in your own life by chasing your dream instead of talking about it will help shape people’s response to your wide-eyed, seemingly far-fetched dreams.  It’ll transform people’s perceptions from ridicule to expectant.  And that, is huge.

Be resilient.