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A beast is napping in the corner.

Harmless in her cage, she will spend her days pacing.  Anxiously waiting for her moment, her opportunity;  the day when she will finally be free, the day when she will finally prove herself and take her place in the wild world.  On that day, she will be among her kind.  On that day, she will be noticed.

But until then, the cage is her home.

She knows that how she spends her days in the cage matters.  She must exercise her muscles, for she shall never be found lacking strength.  She must be fed, for she shall never be found starving.  But yet, she must always remain hungry.  Hungry for the outside and the opportunity.  Hungry for freedom.  She must always stay hungry for the day the cage is unlocked and she steps out timidly, yet bravely, into the world.

She is your dream.

And she’s majestic.  But while beautiful to look at in her cage, she must be free to be regarded.  She must be let loose if she is to prove herself, for she was created to be on the prowl.  Your dream is not destined for a cage.  It’s within you for a season such as this.  Now is the time to swing wide the cage doors, to allow her to take her first timid steps on the outside.  Stop waiting for that day, and start believing that day is now.

You open up the cage when you begin the work required for your dream.  When you write the song, the chapter, or the letter.  When you take the lead on a project, speak up in a meeting, or make the call.  Every bold step forward from passivity to intentional uncovers the potential of your dream.  You owe it to yourself, and the beast within you, to begin.  You might not find immediate success, or gain a massive following, or get the acting gig …. or, whatever your thing is.  But until you try, you’ll never know what is holding the beast in the cage.  Better for the beast to be stung by failure, than to die caged.

Set fire to the cage, and let the beast out.  You’ll never regret the day you do.  

What beast are you keeping in the cage, and what’s holding the doors shut?