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Dreams are born in the night.

The night is the kingdom of uncertainty.  It’s in the night when we doubt the outcome.  It’s in the night when our fears are loudest.  It’s in the night when our obstacles loom largest;  where the money is insufficient, the opportunities non-existent, and the passion waining.  The night is a trying place to be;  a place that requires skill and courage to navigate.  A place where survival is the outcome of those who are both brave and knowledgeable.  And it’s in the night when the wolves circle, ready for the pounce.  They sense weakness and run to it.

And yet, it’s here, in the murky and bleak fog of uncertainty, that dreams take root.

When we are face to face with bleak outcomes, we begin to search for hope.  When things seem desperate, we look for some sort of an escape.  And it’s in these moments of darkness, vulnerability, and searching that we find something, almost magical, that seems to grab our lifeless heart and punch it until it starts beating again.  We find a dream of what can be;  of what our lives can look like, or what our outcome can be.  But, it’s also here where dreams are killed before they have a chance to be alive.

How do you navigate the night and bring your dream to life?

You give your dream credibility.  Giving your dream an ounce of credibility unlocks the door for an untamed beast.   It validates that feeling deep inside you;  that you are made for something better,  that you are created for such a thing as this.  Giving your dream credibility gives you permission to seek it out;  permission to stop wandering in the dark and start searching for a way out.  It encourages you to become more focused toward attaining your dream, not more removed by encouraging you to talk about it as a fantasy.

So, if you’re in the night now:  believe.  Believe that what you hope for is possible.  Believe that you not only have the passion to envision it, but the skills and the courage to see it through.  Believe that no matter how dark the night, your dream is taking deeper root in the struggle and building a deeper foundation for its future.  Believe that you are worth it.  Believe that you will overcome it.  Believe.

Here’s to the night, the hope it births, and everyone who struggles to live a better story.