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I write a lot about being brave.

Tonight, I don’t feel brave.  I feel alone, vulnerable, and scared.  Pretty macho, huh?  For me it’s one of those weeks where the nights never seem to end;  the sorts of nights where the creepy noises are loud, the weather violent, and the fog eery.  It’s one of those weeks where everything is up for debate, and every answer to every question is a complication.

And so, I’m reminding myself tonight that the night is a breeding ground for warriors and heroes.  In every great story, there is a night.  And in those stories, the ones who overcome the night go on to get the girl and rule kingdoms.  Here, in my night, I’m hoping for that chance.

And I bet that some of you are, too.  So for those of you who are walking through the night right now, some provocation:

To those for whom the dark is persistently present:  may you find the resolve to see through the night, the courage to walk toward tomorrow, and the benefit of seeing the fruit of your journey.  May you see the sun rise on the horizon, soon.

To those who are walking through a failure right now:  may you know that while this moment may shape you, it will not define you.  How you decided to leverage your failure will determine the adventures you take or miss out on tomorrow.  May you decide well.  

To those who are ready to give up:  may you the difficulties you are facing now generate a spirit of resiliency within you.  Though it seems impossible, you will see the other side of this moment.  May you kick, and scream, and claw your way out of this struggle.  May you overcome.  

To each of you, know this:  The narrative of our lives is not defined by the things that happen to us, but by the bravery or cowardice we exhibit in our response.  It may not feel like it now, but you are more than capable of living out an incredibly extraordinary story.  One day, you’ll get the girl.  One day, you’ll rule kingdoms.  One day, you’ll see that it was all worth it.   May you be brave enough to believe that what you dream about can actually happen, and may you act accordingly.  

Question:  What’s one thing with which you need to be more brave?