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Our world has a case of writer’s block.

Stuck in her ways, she has settled for a tired reality.  Her story lines have become predictable and without imagination; unable to inspire us, she’s simply asking us to survive.  She offers bold promises, but often only delivers disappointment and heartache.  Still, many continue to walk her boring and frugal road.

But there is rising up in this grey, uninteresting world a rebel band of difference makers.  These are men and women born for remarkable stories and brave tales. Falling out of line to blaze a new trail; they bootleg hope, adventure, and potential.

They are the rebels of interesting, and I am one.  And so are you.

I wasn’t sure that I had what it takes at first.  I was nervous and anxious, my words filled with trepidation and the desire to please.  My first stories were boring and predictable, but they were an adventure to me.  And, despite the predictable stories lines and simple stories I was producing, something began to grow and evolve deep within my soul.

I began to be alive.  

The tipping point was when I realized it is not my role to please.  It’s not my job to make people feel more comfortable and safe with their beliefs and opinions.  It is not my destiny to write about things that people expect.  No, I’m an artist.  And as such, my obligation is to invite people to consider different opinions and new realities.  My calling is not to coddle, but to provoke people to be brave.

And this world needs more brave people.  People who are courageous enough to see life differently;  people with enough passion and vision to lead others into new ways of being alive and seeing beauty.  People who are just crazy enough to buck the status quo and create a new, more interesting one.

This … yes, this is why I am a writer.  


This post was written as an entry into the writing contest offered by Jeff Goins.  If you’d like to enter the contest as well, you may do so here.  #youareawriter