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My free e-book drops tomorrow.  Here’s the worst way ever to advertise it:

I entered a writing contest over the weekend, and found out today that I lost.

Yep, that’s right.  I didn’t even pick up honorable mention.  Ouch.  (here’s the submission).  I thought that it was creative.  I thought it was interesting.  I thought that it was distinctive.  And, I still think those things.

There are probably a hundred simple reasons why the submission didn’t win.

But it’s hard to tell yourself that.  It’s difficult to believe in yourself on the heels of failure.  Today, however, I’m reminding myself that failure does not get to define me;  rather, it gets to motivate me.

And so, me – a writer who can’t win a writing contest – is dropping an e-book tomorrow.

I hope that you like it.  I feel more vulnerable and exposed than I have ever felt before.  But I also feel awesome, spoken, and hopeful.  That’s the weird part about writing a book;  you’re nervous and scared, and yet filled with a sense of adventure.  Risk has a way of making us come to life.

Oh the Stories We Tell is an unpractical, practical guide to chasing things that matter.  The book is part manifesto, part worksheet, and full-on original.  Here’s what a world-traveling speaker and friend has to say about the book:

In his book, Jake Kaufman, challenges and empowers the reader. He poses questions that help surface the longings of our hearts. How many times have you heard people give voice to the question “surely there is more?” Jake acknowledges that there is! An invitation is extended to answer that longing and pondering. This little book might be the biggest key to unlocking your hearts real desire and living the dream.   —  Arlene Kasselman, Come Before Winter Ministry  (Amarillo, Texas)

This is a book for those who dream about living in ways that matter;  ways that make impact, generate influence, and unlock potential.  I believe that it’s a book for everyone, but especially if you are:

  1. Seeking more adventure in your life than a day job.
  2. Given up on “the dream” and have moved on.
  3. Trying to chase your dream, but don’t know where to start.
  4. Ready to risk and ready to fail.
  5. Have been living out your dream for years.
  6. Feel like something is missing in your life.
  7. Ready for what’s next.
  8. Hopeful for a better world.
  9. Tired of this old world.
  10. Don’t even know what a dream is anymore.
  11. Close to giving up and walking away.

Oh the Stories We Tell is a book to help you uncover your awesome;  to help you discover what you’re destined to become, and empower you to start living like it matters.

And, did I mention that it’s free?!  You can get the book one of two ways:  1) subscribe to my blog via the link at the top right of the page.  This is the best and quickest option.  2)  “Like” my page, Jake Kaufman Stories, on facebook.

If you are a super awesome person, and both subscribe to my blog and “like” my facebook page, you will be the most awesome person that I’ve ever met.  Sorry though, no extra prizes.  🙂

For me, everything changes tomorrow night.  Maybe not right away, but the book represents the most real, tangible, and risky thing that I’ve ever done to give credibility to my dream.  I’m ready for the adventure.  (I still hope you like it).

What’s a good e-book that you’ve read lately?