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Every day, the world loses great artists.

We are robbed of these originals, visionaries, and leaders not by death, but by fear.   They give up too soon, walk away too easily, or stay put when they should be advancing. Fear is a bastard enemy;  ever present and ready for a fight.

But you aren’t going to give up.

You are going to fight, and fight well.  You are going to march forward, and advance your cause.  You are going to hone your skills and be prepared.  You are going to leverage your bravery to do something extraordinary.

You must because we can’t afford to lose you.

So if you’ve failed, dust off and get back up.  If you’re too scared to pitch the proposal or the idea, take a deep breath and go for it.  If you’re too “limited” to do something that causes people to notice, believe enough in yourself to find ways to overcome the odds.

If we give up, the world loses the chance to hear us.  But if we fight — if we fight, the world is inspired to listen.

Our world needs to hear better stories.  We need artists and innovators to forge a new way forward – a world where people are valued, beauty is more than on the surface, and creativity is a vehicle for hope.  A world where people are given reasons to live bravely and create better headlines.  Your voice might just be the catalyst we need.

So, fight on.  

May our greatest memories be of the fight — of overcoming the struggle, failure, and sometimes humiliation that comes with chasing after our dreams.  Let our legacies be defined less by our products, and more by our persistence.  And let the things we produce — our art, our music, our businesses; our dreams in tangible form — let them tell our stories well.

Comment Question:  What fear are you fighting against right now?