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I usually don’t do this; it’s a little embarrassing and not very eloquent or creative.  Each morning, I wake up at an un-godly hour to spend time with God.  Because I am a writer, and because I have ADD, I write out a prayer every morning.  I want to share with you my prayer this morning, because I think that you might identify with it.  Anyways, here goes.  This is my prayer for me, and my prayer for you.

God, sometimes I struggle to start this prayer.  Well, actually, I often to struggle to start all my prayers.

I want my prayer to sound beautiful and eloquent, using words and phrases that sound righteous and romantic so that I might impress You.  I want my prayer to sound religious and put together, saying the right things and praying the right way so that You can see how holy I am.  I want my prayer to sound humble and thoughtful toward others, because I want you to think that I’m humble and unselfish.

But in praying like that, Father, I don’t really find You.

So, here is my ugly and unfinished and unworthy prayer.  My prayer that doesn’t sound too put together, doesn’t include any impressive words or phrases, doesn’t feign humility or holiness.  My prayer, without any edits or pretenses.  This is my heart;  my simple, afraid, hopeful heart.  I guess that’s what prayer really is.

You know my words before they even become my thoughts.  You know my innermost secrets and fears.  There’s no where to run and hide from You;  and there’s no way to put on a facade to trick You into seeing what I think You should see in me.

Here I am.  Quiet, and loved.  Speak, God, and give me the courage to listen.  


Comment and let me know:  What are you praying for today?