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Life, at its best, is surprising and adventurous.  At its worst, it is tragic and desperate. And, in between, it is too often boring and habitual.

It seems that we fall into ruts too easily;  in relationships, in our jobs, and in our dreams.  We settle too easily for normal and regular;  and forget that in the smallest things there should be great adventure and bold moves.  We tend to get comfortable and settle into maintenance mode.

In maintenance mode, we generate tired and boring stories.  We lead lame lives, and feel isolated and lonely.  We give up on our marriages, walk away from our dreams, and find an empty comfort in things like fancy cars and big houses.

It’s possible to be different.  It’s possible for the normal moments in your life to be filled with adventure, surprise, and passion.

If you struggle with yearning for more adventure and surprise in your life, perhaps you should make sure that you’re not setting yourself for a lame story.  If you’re tired of what your life has become, maybe it’s time for some self-reflection.

If you want to be lame, here’s how:  

1.  Fall into line, and disrupt nothing.

2.  Quit too soon.  

3.  Watch a lot of TV.  

4. Refuse to meet new people.

5.  Don’t read blogs.

6.  Only care about yourself and your problems.

7.  Talk about yourself at every opportunity.  

8.  Work too much, and don’t play.    

9.  Submit to fear, and silence the dreaming.

10.  Grow up.  The greatest adventures begin in our imaginations.  

I should mention that this list is personal for me.  I too easily fall into maintenance mode, and reciprocate lame stories.  I too often fall into the trap of believing that better things are not possible;  and, I too often give up too easily on my dreams.

So, help me out.  What’s missing from the list above?