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I’ll make a long story short, because the details won’t matter much to you.

Several months ago a friend, who owns a pretty remarkable company called Adept Marketing, contacted me requesting some freelance work.  Basically, he was looking for a concept for an infographic related to the sport of baseball;  something that was different and hadn’t already been done.  The idea was that I would come up with the concept, write the copy, and hand it over to the designers who would make it awesome.  Then, the awesome infographic would draw attention to the client, a place called Phoenix Bats.

The finished graphic floated through a few blogs and enjoyed some mediocre success, until last week.  My buddy emailed me and simply said, “Dude, looks like your concept made it huge.  Congrats!”  Attached was a link, and that link took me to…


That’s right.  That idea I had, those words I wrote, made it to the leader in sports news and information.  The credit goes to the designers and marketers who took the idea and made it something special and beautiful; but it’s nice to know that an idea you have can go places.

I’m not bragging.  Well, maybe I am.  But, just a little.

This is all to say that you should know this:  that idea you have is worth kicking around and giving it some thought and attention.  Don’t quit too soon;  pursue it and take a risk.  You just might be surprised by what happens.

Your tiny, little idea just might make it huge.  

Leave a comment and let me know, when’s the last time your idea found some success?