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Today, may you:

  • Overcome that habit that you’ve been trying to kick.  The cravings won’t stop today, and you’ve got a long road ahead.  But may today be a day of overcoming.  You can do it.  Be strong.
  • Finally let grace swallow that regret you’ve been holding on to for too long.  You’re human and you made a mistake.  Take the lesson, pick up your head, and keep moving.
  • Write that email and send that resume;  it’s about time that you took the risk to chase after that dream.
  • Find something beautiful hidden in the normalcy of today.  Each day is a gift, and each moment and adventure.  May you push through the deadlines and coffee breaks and find something deeply meaningful and maybe a bit surprising.
  • Change your perspective.  It’s the weekend, and it’s time to get away from the office or the cubicle or the shovel or whatever.  Maybe it’s time to stop rushing to the weekend, and find some meaning in your weekdays.  (this one is for me.)
  • Take the time to pray for someone else.  If you’re like me, the majority of your praying revolves around you and your issues.  Today, don’t talk about yourself.  Pray for your friends and co-workers.  Pray for something bold and miraculous.  Pray for something that won’t happen without God.  Believe.
  • Remember that your political view is not as important as you think it is.  On the other side of your agenda is a person with feelings, issues, and a heart.  Stop compartmentalizing people as Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, gay, straight, American, immigrant, capitalist, socialist, or whatever.  Maybe we should be voting more for the kingdom of Jesus than some slick politician anyway.
  • Let your imagination run wild.  Listen to a song that opens up your heart in a new way.  Get lost in a book that talks about a different world.  Read a blog and share it with your friends (shameless plug, ahem).  Listen to a podcast.  Go chill at a park or by a river, and draw or paint.  Write.  Whatever it takes to spark your creativity and imagination;  go do that, today.

It’s Friday.  We can be glad the week is over, or we can start living like our weeks matter.   I hope that you do something remarkable today.  Let’s go.

How do you plan to make the most of this Friday?