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I need reminded, Father, that this thing is about knowing You and not knowing about You.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the religious habits and miss You.  I’ve been there, and I never ever want to get caught up in that mess again.  This thing isn’t about how smart I am, how holy I am, or how important I am.  It’s about compassion, grace, mercy, truth, and redemption.  It’s about Your love and grace redefining this falling apart world.  It’s about Your mercy and Your truth setting things straight.  It’s about Your redemption making all things new.

All things. 

Abuse.  Neglect.  Anger.  War.  Genocide.  Porn.  Hate.  Prejudice.  Starvation.  Homelessness.  Rape.  Abortion.  Sex trafficking.  Selfishness.  Greed.  Anxiety.  Worry.  That person that I can’t stand.  That person that annoys me.  That person that thinks they’re better than me.  That person who condemns me.  The girl who throws up to be some better, skinnier version of herself.  That guy that takes a needle to be some more muscular, better  version of himself.  That dad who walked out.  That mom that prioritized her need for sex over her responsibility for her babies.  That kid that turned a movie theater into a slaughterhouse.  That soccer mom crying herself to sleep.  That slick politician.  Me and my issues and hang ups and regrets.

All things.  All people.  All creation.  You are making them all new.   This morning, I need reminded that You aren’t missing from the scene; but that You are holding all things together and making all things new.

Comment below and tell me;  What do you need to be reminded of today?