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I feel deep in my soul that something is missing.

Maybe missing is a bad word, and maybe off is the better word.  I feel that something about my life is off.  Like I’ve been created for something specific and grand and different and wonderful;  but I’m somehow stuck living out a bland, boring, less than courageous, normal story.  It’s as if I’ve been given this wonderful vision of what life can be like – indeed, what it should be like – but for some reason I’m relegated to looking at it through some looking glass;  never able to touch it and experience it, only to dream about it and lust after it.

Vision isn’t my problem.  Action is my achilles heel.  

It’s high time to shatter the looking glass;  to invade my elusive destiny and capture who I’m meant to become.  The plot has been long established and now is the time to start writing the story.  It’s time to be aggressive, intentional, focused, energetic, and relentless.  It’s time to become who I think I’ve been created to become.

This isn’t about fame and glory.  It’s not about becoming successful and getting cash money.   It’s not about big houses, fancy cars, and sick threads.  This is a spiritual issue;  a denying of the lies that I’ve been told and a chasing after the truth of who I am.  There’s a purpose and a design to my life;  a reason I’m here, and behind the scenes is a Creator who has placed His trust in me.

This thing isn’t about me.  It’s about us.  It’s about grace.  It’s about Jesus.  It’s about heaven colliding with hell and overcoming the fallout.   And it’s time that my little life starts telling that grand story.  

Comment below and tell me;  What is it that you are chasing?  

TIP:  Here’s my action plan for shattering my looking glass and chasing after what is most meaningful to me.  You should do this too;  and it’s absolutely free to sign up and create your own.  Take your dream from a thought to a written out plan.  Now is the time!