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God, I’m yearning for the kingdom.

Our country, cities, and communities are power hungry empires where the strongest survive at the expense of the weak;  where we are most satisfied when we are right and when we are prevailing over someone.  We look out for our own interests, and obnoxiously celebrate our scattered charity.  We are a deeply sad and distressed lot;  hiding it behind our busyness, productivity, and importance.

“God has blessed America!”, we cry.  Our leaders insist that we are a Christian nation, adhering to our sacred duty to be the world’s protector and shining light.  We are the land of the free and the brave!  A land of prosperity and fairness!  We drive SUV’s!  We have 658 cable channels!  God has surely blessed America!

Father, teach me what it really means to be blessed. 

For what you have declared blessed seems backward to me.  Meek, hungry, mourning, peace-seeking, poor, and mercy-givers;  those are the characteristics of whom who’ve labeled “blessed.”  Remind me that it is more blessed to sacrifice than to hoard;  more blessed to give than to accumulate.  Remind me, Father, that it is more blessed to strive for peace than to be right;  more blessed to swallow my pride than to win the argument.  Remind me that it is more blessed to struggle than it is to gain.  

In the hearts of our cities, the kingdom really is among us.  It’s just generally not where we are looking.  God, give us the vision to find heaven breaking through our suburban earth.  

Comment below and tell me;  what are you praying for today?