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When you are going through hell, keep going.  —Winston Churchill

There are no trail maps for your dream.

There are no google maps that have trekked this territory.  There are no lit torches along the dark path as you wrestle with making your next decision, no convenient gps to ensure the success of your every turn.  There are indications and suggestions, but in the end there’s no definitive turn to take when you stand at the many forks in the trail.  There are only educated guesses.

This is why everyone who sets out to chase a dream fails.  Every single one.

Most cannot endure the failure.  They take it as a indication of their potential;  that they are too flawed, too average to really make it.  To chase your dream and tackle it, you must have an urgent, desperate, salivating sense of resolve.  Those who keep going know that failure is necessary, a sort of sacred counseling and rite of passage.  But for many, our resolve wanes in the aftermath of failure.  We feel lost, overcome, and without hope.

And this is why most give up.

For most of us, there exists a divide between what we want and what we accept.  For me, this divide is haunting.  It is a consistent reminder that I’ve settled for less than what I’m capable of;  that I’ve grown too complacent with my busyness to pursue my adventure.  There’s a constant gap between what I would love to do and what I am currently doing.

Choosing to close that gap is scary, daunting, and overwhelming.  When we leave what is safe for what is possible, we walk through lonely and unknown roads.  It requires us to steady our eyes on a faint light at the end of the trail;  the vision of what we hope to accomplish, even when it seems impractical at best and impossible at worst.  A ferocious resolve emboldens our steps, and patches our heart.

Here are my words for you, simple and surgical, as you trek the forsaken trail of chasing your dream:  Please, do not ever give up.

I wish they were more eloquent, I wish there were more impassioned banter; but the truth is, in the darkest moments, when the path is the most murky and your eyes squint and search for the faintest trace of light, the only thing that will keep your head up is a small, whimpering voice saying, “Do not give up.”

I’m cheering you on, and so are others.  But the accolades and well wishes will not sustain you for your journey.  Until your heart whimpers with resolve, you’ll not know what you’re truly capable of.  Step confidently, urgently, and expectantly in your journey.

And please, do not ever give up.  

Comment below and let me know;  how do you keep yourself motivated?