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I sat down tonight to write a post about hurricanes, halloween, and abusive fundamentalism.

But, that isn’t going to happen.  It seems too opportune, too gimmicky, too forced.  Those of you who are writers will understand;  sometimes you have to allow the writing take its’ own course, rather than appealing to a demographic or subject matter.  And sometimes, that writing leaves you with more questions than answers, more unresolved tension than nicely finished and neatly packed stories.

I think that’s okay.  It’s gives us room to discuss and think.  Faith is never definitive, or else it would stop being faith and start being something else.  I’m generally less interested in answers and more interested in the wrestling.  

So tonight, let’s have a conversation surrounding faith.  How about it?  Here are some questions that have been on my mind.  I’m not attaching any context at all, so as to get your unfiltered response.  Fill the comments with your thoughts.

1.  Is there such a thing as too much grace?  Does ample grace loosen our boundaries, or does it somehow invite us to have higher standards?

2.  Have we (Christians) become too nationalistic?  Is America really a Christian nation?  What does that even mean?

3.  Why are churches becoming more isolated while the world is becoming more connected?  Has the internet somehow threatened the church?  Has the church leveraged the connected-mindedness of our society in healthy ways?

4.  In regards to the issue of homosexuality, has the church been more of a bully or more of a friend?  Have we built bridges, or created divides?  How so?

5.  Does spirited debate have a place in Christianity?  How do we handle our differences?  What if they are major?  Is there really compromise?

There it is.  Some of the things that my mind is processing, and I would seriously love your input.  Ready.  Set.