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I live in a small town where the internet is still cautiously approached (I know people who still don’t have email.  What?!), so twitter isn’t really a huge deal where I live.

Twitter, in my area, is about as popular as I was in high school.  Nerd alert:  that’s not very popular.

But I love it.  A lot of my (twitterless) friends chide me about my twitter faithfulness, but I’m convinced that the social network is one of the best modern inventions from the computer nerds who make things happen on the internet.

Here’s why, starting with the obvious:

  • Twitter gives me a sense of what’s going on in the world, now.  I generally scour news sites for talking points and research, but twitter is my go to resource for getting a grip on the “news.”  From hurricanes, wars, sex trade rescue efforts, to local events, twitter is where I usually find out what’s going on and how people are reacting.
  • It’s where people are.  If you want to network, and expose your ideas to the world, you have to go where the people are.  While facebook is popular, it is flooded with farmville and political tirades.  Twitter tends to have a more interested tribe;  meaning that, generally, twitter folks are more interested in ideas and connection, than platforms and stances.  I think that’s important.

Also, the not so obvious:  

  • Tweeting makes me a smarter writer.  It teaches me how to say interesting and informative things without ranting and clamoring.  It helps me to get to the point,  and let the writing speak for itself.
  • Twitter exposes me to lots of interesting ideas, making me more creative and more inspired.  My twitter feed is filled with a lot of inspiring people – from bloggers and authors to pastors and comedians.  These people often offer great reminders that the struggles are worth it, and provide and interesting window into what is possible when you believe and persist.
  • Tweeting makes me a better conversationalist.  Not only does it give me a wide variety of things to talk about, but it helps me to talk about them succenctly.   No one likes a preacher in conversation, and twitter helps you condense your thoughts into short, impactful soundbites which are great for starting fun conversations

I’ve been tweeting for a few years now, and with close to 2,500 tweets under my belt (which sounds like a lot, but remarkably it isn’t), I’ve learned that Twitter is a necessary weapon if you’re going to chase your dream.

So, if you’re on twitter, stop by and say hi.  And if not, what are you waiting for?

Comment below and tell me;  Who is the most interesting person that you follow on Twitter?