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One after another, the talking heads called it;  some jubilantly, some solemnly, and some begrudgingly.

The yearlong onslaught of attack ads, stump speeches, cold calls, and polls all led us to this moment.  18 months, 6 billion dollars, some historically important moments all leading to this outcome.  And it was all over by 10:30pm on a Tuesday night.

One party celebrated.  Another dug in.  And Facebook became a new battleground state.  Or, at least, that’s what it seemed like.

It was open season on expressed ideas.  It was an assault based on innuendo’s and perceived intentions.  It was a a playground for sweeping generalizations and worst case scenarios.  It was flagrant, ugly, unkind, bitter, fear-filled, racist, angry, elitist, disrespectful, and unapologetic.

The sad truth is that the majority of the vitriol came from those wearing the name of Christ.  On BOTH sides of the aisle.

Look, it’s okay to be upset when your candidate loses the election.  It’s okay to even talk about why you’re upset, and to even think that the country decided poorly.  I think that it’s healthy to be opinionated.  And, I think that Christians should be actively involved in the conversations and causes which are shaping our country.

But, it’s not okay to assume that God is on the side of your politics, and is somehow stymied by an election.  It’s not okay to rest God’s blessings on the shoulders of one candidate.  It’s not okay to be divisive, hate-filled, abusive, and arrogant.  It’s not okay to slander the religion of a man or woman who you know so little about, personally.

Obama isn’t Satan.  Romney isn’t God.  And vice versa.

We can talk about and debate policies all day long.  Voice your opinions and offer your vision.  But let’s do it with the intention of building bridges, seeking solutions, overcoming the struggles facing us, and bringing a nation together. Let’s be better than name calling, armageddon warning, and Jesus juking to get our point across.  

Let us never forget that the Kingdom of God is neither Republican or Democrat; neither capitalist or socialist;  neither liberal or conservative.  The Kingdom of God is never imprisoned by our legislation, and is never quieted by our vote.

The Kingdom of God rages on, unapologetic and unwavering, regardless of who is in office.  That doesn’t mean that we should be passive in our politics, but that we should be disciplined and seasoned with grace and hope, not fear and anger.

The Kingdom deserves more.  We deserve more.  We are better than our dirty laundry.