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I hate fewer things than being off-schedule and feeling inconsistent.  But, here I am, feeling inconsistent today.

There are several mornings and evenings where I want to write, but don’t.  I intend to write, but generally just end up staring at a blank white screen on my laptop.  I’m paralyzed by lots of things;  fear, insecurity, complacency, silence, exhaustion, uncreativity (that’s not a word, right?!), and a heap of other dumb, but real things.

Just write.

But what if they don’t respond?  What if my writing falls on deaf ears?  What if it just floats off into cyberspace, buried under the millions of other articles and blogs and crazy cat pictures on the interwebs?  What if writing this post is just a giant adventure in wasting time?

Just write.

But what if they hate it?  What if someone responds critically?  What if my message doesn’t translate?  What if my message is wrong?  What if they don’t like it?  What if they don’t like me?

Just write.  

What if I don’t say anything new?  What if what I have to say isn’t interesting?  What if someone else is already saying it?  How will I ever stand out among the thousands of better bloggers than me?

Just write.

What am I even going to write about?  Why would anyone want to ready anything that I have to say about anything?  There are thousands of other writers who are smarter than me, more qualified than me, more charismatic than me, more followed than me, and more interesting than me.  How am I going to stand out and offer great content?

Just write.  Right?

This conversation plays out in my head without fail every time that I sit down to write.  Some days it’s easy to drown out the noise, and some days it’s easy to drown in it.  Some days the questions win, and some days I beat them.

The thing about writing – the thing about chasing your dream and living out your passion – is that fear will always be a real and prominent enemy standing in your path.  Fear has sharp teeth, and is never complacent.

Just write.

It sounds so cliche, so simple, and so Nike.  The only way to beat fear is to be more active than it.  Chase your dream out of love for your craft, and don’t obsess about the results (at least not, yet).  When the questions persist, meet them with action rather than retreat.

It’s Monday.  Go do what you love.