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Five days.

That’s how long I went this past week without spending any really significant time with God.  “Time with God” … I’ll admit that seems kind of churchy and and an odd thing to say.  The truth is, I want that to sound trendier.  Maybe that says something about me.

Five days.

Generally, I wake up at 5:30 in the morning to pray, read Scripture, and do some writing before heading off  to work.  It’s a time that I’ve come to love.

And for five days, it was a time that I avoided.  Until this morning.

In the stillness of the morning, with the heavy aroma of coffee hanging in the air, I was reminded of this liberating truth:  the sins of my life far outweigh my good deeds, but grace tips the scales in my favor.  

After five days of avoiding God, He met me with grace rather than finger-pointing.  Rather than degrade me, He uplifted me.  Rather than turn away, He leaned in.  Here, in my boredom of Him, He refreshed my imagination.

Today, I’m thankful that God doesn’t give up on me when I’ve given up on Him.  Grace isn’t grace unless it’s on the hunt.  

Comment below and let me know;  what is God teaching you this week?