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Our prayers often connect us.  Despite our different opinions, religions, and backgrounds we often find our hearts have the same longings when we listen to each other’s prayers.  Occasionally I share a prayer from my morning prayer time for this reason – to connect us.  

Thank You, Father.

Thank You for not giving up on me.  For not getting tired of me, and moving on.  My sins have been burdensome to You;  and my affinity for seeking to cover them up with religious activities must disgust You.  You’re not after a time card and Your not after my weekends;  Father, You’re after my heart.

Chase me.  Hound me.  Hunt me down, if You must.

My desire is to love You and follow You.  To become some great example of a person after God’s own heart.  I have great intentions.  But, my actions speak differently, and unfortunately, they are louder than my voice.  I want to do what is right, noble, good, and wholesome;  but I often seek to satisfy my depraved, hungry flesh.  I starve my spirit for some sick fix, neglecting the eternal things for the quick things. 

Yet, You love me.

You always have.  You’ve never left my side;  never given up on me.  The cross has satisfied Your anger and wrath toward me;  now, there is only prodding and love.  Nudge me, Father.  Return my heart to the things of Your heart.  Redefine my life God;  not for religious duty, but for grace-filled mission.

For Yours is the kingdom, and the glory, forever.

Comment below and let me know;  What are you thanking God for today?