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I will be back next week with original content, and fresh new categories on the blog.  Get yourself ready.  Become doomsday preppers as you anticipate the new direction of this blog, and hoard all necessary supplies to ensure you’ll be here.  But, until then, here’s a new feature on the blog called “FRESH BREW.”   The web is a fascinating place, full of lots of creativity, interesting ideas, and insightful commentary.  These are things that people talk about over a good cup of coffee or a cold beer, hence the name Fresh Brew.   Each Friday, I’ll be posting the most interesting things that I’ve found around the interwebs.  And so, without delay…this week’s Fresh Brew.  

ON POLITICS AND EVANGELICALISM:  Rachel Held Evans nails it in this piece.  For a long time, I’ve struggle with the marriage of faith and capitalism.  Rachel provides an unapologetic sermon pleading for Christians to return to the Good News as opposed to finding our hope (and identity) in political platforms and vote returns.  Every Christian needs to read this.

“But fair warning: If you start preaching this gospel—this gospel of reconciliation and peace—you will attract more than just Republicans. You will attract people of all backgrounds and races, political persuasions and theological preferences. You will attract rich and poor, slave and free, male and female. You will attract people like me who are concerned about defending not only the unborn, but also the poor, the sick, the immigrant, and the war-torn. You will attract people like me who love Jesus but know that no single vote, no single political party, can represent my values in their totality or bring the kingdom of God to pass.”

MOST DIFFICULT SUBJECT:  Donald Miller does his best to present a human view to the volite situation in Gaza and Israel.  I confess there’s much research that needs to be done to understand this situation wholly, but Donald provides a thoughtful article that draws attention to the complexity of the issue, and the greater complexities of any possible solution.

“A common misunderstanding is that this is a religious war. But that’s hardly the case. The tension has as much to do with race, language, culture and land as it does with religion. I would not say religious differences are the problem as much as many from each side seeing the other as beneath them in human value. The situation feels more like the United States before the civil rights era, only more bloody.”

MOST CREATIVE:   Great concept, and ridiculous execution.  Well played, NBA.  

ODDEST RITUAL:  NFL Kicker Wears Shoe Three Sizes Too Small.  That’s not entirely odd in the NFL, amazingly.  But this commentary actually describes the process of jamming your foot into a smaller shoe.  Oh, and Kai Forbath hasn’t missed a field goal this year.  The take away?  Do what it takes to be great at what you love.  

PAINFULLY BRAVE:  I stumbled across Glennon a few weeks ago, and was immediately drawn to her honesty and commitment to living her life so painfully open through the most difficult of circumstances.  In this post, she describes her commitment to write through painful and messy and intimately personal news.  I’m inspired and emboldened by her honesty.

REMINDER TO BE HUMAN:  Jon Acuff gives a fun reminder to be in the moment, and not just tweet about it.  Confession, I need to remember this.

THE INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA:  Love it, hate it, or tolerate it…there’s absolutely no disputing that social media is affecting the world in historic ways. 

Well, that’s it for today.  I hope that you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving, whatever that looks like for you.  And if you’re black friday shopping, you are welcome for the distraction while you wait in that line.  🙂

Comment below, and tell me;  What interesting things have your found on-line this week?