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Fresh Brew

Here’s the stuff I’ll be talking about over drinks this weekend:

GADGET GEEKERY:  A phone that bends?  I’m in.  I mean seriously, I’ve dropped my phone enough times that I’m actually thinking about autographing broken phones.  I think this is one of the craziest innovations going around right now.

CORPORATE GREED GENEROSITY:  Tired of reading headlines about corporate greed and scandal?  Lego has always been a “listening” company (engaging their raving fans with input, special products, and events) but they took it to another level when they received this letter.  The video’s rough, and a bit hard to understand, but it’s worth the watch.  A great reminder to not just meet expectations, but exceed them.

CREATIVE GUT CHECK:  Using a picture of a woman in front of a tornado, Jon Acuff reminds us that fear doesn’t get to dictate our actions.  I love Jon’s strategy of making public potentially embarrassing situations to dispel fear.  Kuddos, Jon.  I might just start taking similar pictures.

MOST WHOA MOMENT:  I don’t even have words.  Nature has a way of leaving us spell-bound;  of catching us off guard and whisking us away to imaginative places.  Confession:  My first thought when I watched this video below was, “Best location for a tree house ever.”  I mean seriously, you could have the first tree house with an elevator.


ROB BELL SIGHTING:  I miss Rob Bell, he’s the most progressive traditionalist I’ve ever known.  Seriously, I’ve learned more about liturgy and history through his lens than any “traditionalist.”  That’s why I was extremely excited when I saw his name pop up on Relevan’t featured articles list.  And this article about the Advent season doesn’t disappoint.  It even includes a transition from a refrigerator to the book of Exodus.

FAIL BLOG:  In this blog, Seth Godin present an interesting perspective for non-profits to consider.  Most of us would look at the stability of non-profit “returns” and feel security, Godin sees missed opportunity.   A challenging call for anyone looking to make an impact of any variety.

Non-profit failure is to rare, which means that non-profit innovation is too rare as well.  Innovators understand that their job is to fail, repeatedly, until they don’t.

JUKING THE JESUS JUKERS:  I’ve never been a fan of the protest route.  Actually, it kind of makes me want to apologize to every non-Christian that I know.  This guest post on Phil Cooke’s blog articulates pretty well my feelings on “Christian” protests.  Let’s be more creative with engaging the world than holding signs and shouting judgment.  Let’s build bridges and solutions, not throw grenades and build ditches.

ODDEST NEWS:  I’m sure you’ve heard of Angus Jones and his rant by now.  If not, well, get outside once in a while.  I kid.  But, seriously.  Anyway, it appears he’s now re-canting his original comments and re-thinking things a bit.  The whole thing is messy and confusing, and there’s a lot that can be dissected.  But, here’s a response from Rainn Wilson that literally made me laugh out loud.


And because it’s Friday, 


Enjoy your bacon this weekend.  Comment below and tell me;  what interesting things have caught your eye this week?