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Something Beautiful

Dear Fellow Dreamer;

I have two words for you as we leave behind another year, and walk expectantly into a new one:  Conduct beautifully.

Being a dreamer and all, I imagine that you are excited about this new year;  that you have big and exciting plans, large ideas, and outlandish hopes.  There’s a new adventure facing you, and you’ve never been more sure of anything in your life.  This is your project, your destiny, and you’re ready to grab hold of it in 2013.  There’s just one thing you need to understand:

The odds are stacked against you.

There are obstacles ahead.  There are critics, waiting.  There are difficulties and unexpected decisions waiting to slow you down.  There are friends who are ready to “talk some sense” into you.  The dream may be vivid and clear in your heart, but in the real world it’s a bit scuffed-up and out of focus.

Now, if you’re like me, you sort of read this with a warrior’s heart;  a bit excited and enticed by the mystery and danger promised with the adventure.  You aren’t so much afraid as you are emboldened, though it is sometimes hard to differentiate between the two feelings as they wage war in your chest.

Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.

You know the feeling;  when your dream goes from paper to appointments, meetings, and phone calls.  When you show your art off, or launch your proposal, or walk into that classroom, or meet with the venture capitalist, or skype in a potential client, or when the spotlight shines on you, or…

Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.

It may feel like fear, it may taste like fear, but rest assured it’s the rhythm of adventure beating inside of your chest.  It’s the outcry of your dream, no longer being contained in the private parts of your heart, but bursting out into the open and finally making itself known on the outside.

Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.

Lean into the sound, close your eyes, and take in the symphony.  It’s a cluttered mix of loud and quiet sounds, crescendoing into a sort of marching rhythm.  It’s the cymbals of “what if’s” meeting the marching drumbeat of determination.  It’s the riffs of “might nots” colliding with the steady and confident strings of “it must be.”

Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.  Ba-thump.

What a sound.  May 2013 find you the conductor of the symphony, not the spectator.  This song, this moment, this dream, is waiting for your orders.  The conductor’s baton lies waiting, the players sit poised.  And the rest of us sit, expectantly, for the performance.

We like a good show, after all, and we’ve heard good things about you

Comment below and tell me;  what’s the first step you will take this year to advance your dream?