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Sharing not Shouting

Turns out, you don’t have to be a cat or a freak to be awesome on the internet.  (I know, I just ruined the internet for some of you).

Nerd alert:  social media is a bit of an obsession to me.  Taking the nerdiness to a whole new level, I’ve done some freelance work with a social media marketing company, as well as some social media strategy consulting for non-profits and churches.  With those experiences have come many lessons and insights into making the most of social media platforms for your story.

When asked, I heavily encourage churches, non-profits and thought-leaders to invest time in these platforms, as they are increasingly becoming the “table” our world gathers around to shares ideas, hopes, and doubts.

It’s super important to be at the table.  But if you are serious about spreading your idea or sharing your message, you should make sure that you’re being awesome rather than being rude or annoying.  It’s easy to think that you’re sharing your message.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference on your own.

Here are my rules for being awesome on the internet:

1)  Remember to listen as much as you talk.  No one likes sitting across from a chatty Kathy who hogs the airtime and relentlessly talks about themselves.  The same is true in social media. So, how do you listen when it comes to social media?

2)  Contribute to the conversation, don’t just repeat it.  The internet loves people who are unique.  There are lots of blogs saying the same things, presenting the same side of the argument, telling the story through the same lens.  Be brave enough to be yourself, and present your own ideas with your own voice.  We’ll listen more if we trust you.

3)  Care more about who’s following you, rather than how many are following you.  What I mean by that is, stop obsessing over getting more followers and start caring about the ones that you have.  When you invest in your followers, the relationship becomes important.  Sure, they’ll be more apt to share your content with their friends; but what matters is that you are building relationship not consumers.

3). Stop shouting.  Start showing.   If you’re really serious about what you’re purveying, then show us how it works.  Leverage different platforms and venues to show us your idea in action, rather than just incessantly ranting about it.  If you want our involvement, we want to see that you are in it, too.

4)  Most importantly, just be yourself.  I know that it sounds too cliche and too simple, but it really is true.  The internet loves individuals.  We don’t want someone who is just like everyone else;  we want someone who is just like themselves.

By the way, it turns out that these practices make you more awesome in real-life, too.  Who knew?!

Comment below and tell me;  What are your rules for being awesome on the internet?  And since we are talking about being awesome, check out the latest video from the most awesome person on the internet.